Great Times! Friday Night Fish Fry on WREK 91.1

Friday night fish fry

Friday Night Fish Fry on WREK 91.1 Atlanta, GA from Georgia Tech University 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM Eastern or On-Demand @ anytime.

Growing up in Saint Louis, my family often held fish fries on Friday evenings with family and friends. The most popular music by far was the Blues! Albert King, Bobby Bland, Muddy Waters, and so on, but the other highlight was the food and games. Fried fish and homemade fries, playing lawn games with my brothers and cousins as our parents played cards. That was a treasured time in my life and is often discussed in family gatherings. When I came across this program, it reminded me of my childhood.

You can expect various Blues, old and new, to give even the casual fan a taste.

The show is available On-Demand, so pick up your favorite fried fish and tune in and enjoy Friday Night Fish Fry any day of the week.