The Spectacular Snug Harbor Jazz Revival Series: Week 4 Recap

snug harbor jazz

The Snug Harbor Jazz Revival Series continued with the Charmaine Neville Band.

The lively performance opened with Charmaine dedicating the show to the memory of the late Raymond Weber Jr.  

The set contained mainly interpretations of classic cover songs, complete with various elements of Jazz, Gospel, Rhythm & Blues, and Zydeco arranged in New Orleans style.

  • Willow Weep For Me was an up-tempo interpretation cover that set the experience for the evening’s remainder.
  • Watch The Water found the band feeding off each other’s vibes and contained the elements of several melodies combined into one song that ended with the playful theme song of The Flintstones! Yes, complete with a Yabba Dabba Doo.
  • Out Of The Rain let Charmaine speak to the soul of the evening and showcased her unique vocal phrasing ability.
  • Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby once again, the range of Charmaine’s voice was on full display as she amazed us with her Louis Armstrong-inspired vocals.
  • I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free showed the softer side of the performance. Great song choice! 
  • Misty was another up-tempo jazzy interpretation cover song that featured some outstanding instrumental interactions between Detroit Brooks and Amasa Miller.
  • Take The A-Train cover gave drummer Raymond Weber Sr. the ability to shine through with a great solo and musical freedom to explore the rhythm along with Amasa Miller on accordion, who spiced it up nicely!
  • The Rhythm is a song written by Charmaine Neville’s unnamed grandson and had a true New Orleans Zydeco groove that makes your body want to move!
  • The Fool On The Hill gave the band members a chance to solo, and Charmaine shines through again with great vocal accompaniment.
  • Come Sunday was a journey into jazz from a day gone by, with exceptional vocals. Short, soft, and sweet.
  • Mack The Knife picked up the groove with Charmaine using her vocal gymnastics to highlight the song.
  • Ding Dong (The Wicked Witch Is Dead) was a fun song to close out the set.
  • Amasa Miller wrote and performed a tribute song to the late Raymond Weber Jr. 

It was a truly fun-filled night of music!

The Charmaine Neville Band

Charmaine Neville – Vocals, Cowbell

Amasa Miller – Piano, Accordion

Detroit Brooks – Guitar

Donald Ramsey – Bass

Raymond Weber Sr. – Drums

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